BE Energy


We are thrilled to announce Flogas’ acquisition of BE Energy. That said, we know the news may mean our customers have some questions. 

We have formulated some standard FAQ’s to help with this.

Who are Flogas?
Flogas was established in 1978 and now has offices in Drogheda, Belfast, Dublin and Cork.  Presently, it offers natural gas, electricity and LPG , to residential and commercial customers in ROI. In Northern Ireland it offers LPG for residential and commercial customers, commercial natural gas

Flogas won the ‘Best Energy Price Plan for Existing Customers Award’ in the 2020 Bonkers National Consumer Awards, reflecting the company’s focus on always offering existing customers the best tariffs available.

About your energy account

Q:  What does this purchase mean to me?
A: Whilst this is an exciting development for both Flogas and BE Energy there will be no disruption to service or impact to your energy account, you will receive the same supply contract at the same price. We’re very much looking forward to facilitating new lines of service and welcoming BE Energy customers aboard – you can still contact BE Energy customer service as you normally would; using the same details.

Q:  Will my energy supply be affected?
A: Your supply remains unaffected by the news.

Q:  Will my account details change?
A:  No, your account details will remain the same.

Q: Will my personal data be shared with Flogas?
A: Flogas has acquired BE Energy and due to the nature of this transaction our new partners will have access to your personal information. However, this information will only be processed to maintain supply and ensure effective billing. We may share details such as your name, address, contact details, marketing preferences, electricity meter numbers, direct debit details (where relevant) and current tariff information.

Data processing activities and the corresponding safeguards will continue as normal and remain unaffected.

Flogas and BE Energy take the privacy of your personal information seriously please feel free to refer to BE Energy’s privacy centre [link] or Flogas’ privacy statement [https://www.flogas.ie/privacy] to lean more.

Q:  Will my contractual terms & conditions be affected?
A: The terms and conditions of your supply contract remain unaffected and will continue as normal.

Q:  If I am a vulnerable customer, do I need to take any action?
A: If you are a vulnerable customer and have already registered with BE Energy, you do not need to take any further action.  If you are a vulnerable customer and have not already registered with BE Energy, you can still let us know through our normal channels of operation.

You can view BE Energy/Flogas CoP’s here [link]

About your price and balance

Q:  Will my prices go up?
A:  No. There is no change to the price outlined in your contract or your current billing details, including timing of bills.

Q:  What about topping up my prepaid meter?
A:  You can continue to purchase credit as normal, through our app, by visiting our website, over-the-phone or in-store.

About your bills and payments

Q:  Will my Direct Debit stay the same?  Will it move across?
A: Your direct debit setup will continue as normal.

Q: When will I get my final BE Energy bill, and my first bill from Flogas?
A: Whilst we may have changed ownership, BE Energy isn’t going anywhere – our customers’ can expect supply bills to generate as normal.

Q: Can I still view my account online?
A: Your online access will continue as it is now, and as long as you remain a customer.

Q: Will I still receive two bills if I have gas with Flogas and electricity with BE Energy?
A: Yes, you will continue to receive separate bills for Electricity and Gas.

Contact information

Q:  Who should I contact if I have a problem?
A: You can still reach out to us through normal modes of contact, if you have any queries please feel free to contact us via telephone, social media, live chat and email.

Switches and renewals

Q:  Will early exit fees still apply to my contract?
A:  Yes. The terms and conditions relating to your current tariff remain unchanged.

Q:  If I don’t want to stay with BE Energy / Flogas, can I switch?
A: You can leave BE Energy at any time. However, we ask that you refer to your supply contract T&C’s as early termination, may be subject to exit fees.

Q: I have just switched to BE Energy; will my switch go ahead?
A: Absolutely, if you have just switched please don’t worry BE Energy continue to operate as normal. If you are not a customer and would like to switch feel free to get in touch.