Meter Reading

How to read my prepayment meter? 

* Press before entering codes
# Press after entering codes
# Press to see amount of credit left
1 Credit time left in Days
2 Cost of Previous Day/Week/Month
3 Unit rate and no of units used
4 Last 5 powercodes entered
5 Total money entered into meter
6 Electricity being used in KWH
7 Standing charge
8 Highest consumption in any half-hour + last 24hours + when
9 Total units used
0 Display test, time & date

How to read my credit meter?

Read the numbers from left to right and include any zeros (most meters display readings to at least one – sometimes two – decimal places).

Some meters show the decimal point on the display. Others use red digits to show decimal points (0.1 and 0.01 of a unit). Please don’t include the decimal points in your mete reading.

How to read my import / export meter? 

To take your export meter reading please:

  1. Press the blue button until you see a small ‘5’ in the corner of the display.
  2. The reading shown beside the small ‘5’ is your export meter reading.

If your import/export meter does not have blue button like the meter above and is automatically scrolling between a T – reading and an R – reading please note that is the R – reading which shows your total exported units.

How to read my Economy 7 Credit meter? 

There are two types of Economy 7 meter – how you read your meter will depend on which type you have.

  1. The first type has two displays – the top row is for your day rate electricity and is marked ‘Normal’ and the bottom row, which is marked ‘Low’, shows night rate. When you read your Economy 7 meter, always check both displays.
  2. The second type has a single row of numbers that shows your day rate electricity usage. To get a reading for your night rate electricity, press the red button.

How to read my Economy 7 Prepaid meter?

Press number 3 on the keypad meter until you see R1 KWH and note the number. Press number 3 again until you see R2 KWH and note the number finally press number 3 again until you see R3 KWH, note the number.

Find out more about meter readings HERE.

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