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Privacy Policy:

Keeping your data safe and secure is our top priority. These changes don’t alter the way we use and protect your personal information, but make it easier for you to find out how we use it.

It is important that you know exactly what we do with your personal information that you and others provide to us, why we gather it and what it means to you.

BE Energy will only collect information from our customers that is necessary to provide our service, this information is collected from the following sources:

  1. Information that we receive from our customers on application forms which may include, but not limited to your name, address and date of birth.
  2. Information about our client’s transactions with us, this information may include but is not limited to payment history.

When collecting customer information from the above named sources, BE Energy may use the following means of communication to gather information, written, in – person, telephone, electronically and online.

We have also updated our privacy policy to let our customers know how we keep your personal information safe.

Privacy Policy as of April 2020

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Unhappy with our service?

We aim to provide you with value for money and the highest standard of customer service. However, if you are unhappy with any aspect of our service please let us know. Call our customer helpline at 1800 817 383, Email or write to BEenergy, PO Box 42, Lifford, Co.Donegal.

Independent Help and Advice

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, Ireland’s independent energy regulator, may be able to help, call them at 014000 800, Email or write to The Commission for Regulation of Utilities, The Exchange, Belgard Square North, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Consumers have the right to change supplier at any time pursuant to BEenergy’s Terms & Conditions.

BEenergy’s Code of Practice on Complaints Handling can also be found on the Code of Practice page of this website.